Our ZenCart eCommerce Toys and Games Showcase Site is now available!

If you click the link below, you will be directed to our ecommerce site. For right now it is just a showcase - product information without prices. Over the next month or so as we work through some of the cosmetic changes, prices will be added and products will be updated. The first big step has finally been completed!



Fall of 2017 - ZenCart eCommerce Fully Functional Toys and Games Site!

Phase II: We will release our fully functional eCommerce site for selecting products, purchasing them online, and having them shipped to your address. Just working out the shipping process to make sure we provide to our customers the real shipping charges and not the inflated ones some sites provide. Nothing is perfect, but we promise our customers that we will be working towards perfection when it comes to shipping. And of course we will be utilizing the latest technologies to secure your information when making purchases. We will not be storing that information as it just invites the world of hackers to make it a game and we know that identity theft is not a game, but a serious issue. 

March of 2018 - ZenCart eCommerce Educational Products Site!

Oh yes, you read that correct. Not only will we be coming out in June of 2017 with our ZenCart eCommerceToys and Games Showcase site and in the Fall of 2017 with our Fully Functional Toys and Games Site, but we will be integrating all of our educational products (10000+)  into our eCommercie site for teachers, preschools, churches, and the home schooling community to take advantage. Are we nervous you may ask? Of course we are!!! We are a locally owned and operated brick and mortar store that is run by a wife and husband - Margaret Wilson and Chad Wilson (that's me). We have a fantastic parttime staff. Our children help out at our store when they can. We have a single stone memorial under a Spring pink blossoming tree for my mother who worked in education most of her life. We are the David's in a world where the Goliath's keep getting bigger and the Davids keep going out of business. But we love what we do and we support education 100%. But it doesn't matter what we love and what we support when it comes to whether this venture will be a success. It matters whether we have enough customers to support the business. So please check out our site, provide feedback when you can, and spread the word to your friends.