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A totally new idea in sticker books, combining the joy of learning with the joy of stickers. It’s an innovative, kid-friendly approach to beloved topics for ages 6 and up, featuring a cutting-edge sticker sheet design that allows for text and color images to appear underneath the sticker. Here’s how it works: Read a question, then peel off the corresponding sticker to reveal the answer underneath. The fun doesn’t stop there–place the sticker on the facing activity page to create a book of facts and images that can be enjoyed again and again. Once all the stickers are peeled, kids are left with a beautifully designed, information-rich book full of diagrams, facts, and personalized pages to read again and again. Sticky Facts: Construction features dozens of stickers of sky-high cranes and earth-scraping excavators, monster trucks, and clattering power tools. It shows how to create a construction site–and lets kids learn all about the special tools and vehicles we use to build.


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