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Great for mess-free coloring, Maped Color’Peps Plastic Crayons are cleaner than wax crayons to use, and don’t leave waxy residue on your artwork. These crayons have a unique triangular shape for easy gripping, and they won’t roll off surfaces. Use the pointed end for details and the wide end for coloring larger areas. They also last three times longer than standard wax crayons. They’re easy to sharpen, too

Set of 24 – This set includes Bubble Blue, Marina Blue, Aubergine, Marsh Mellow, Lovely Pink, Kiss Red, Fruity Orange, Sunny Yellow, Apple Green, Green Golf, Woody Brown, Dark Black, Blue Lagoon, Deep Blue, Ultra Violet, Light Red, Blush, Fluoresecent Yellow, Jade, Jungle Green, Dune, Xtra White, Gentle Gray, and Strawberry.


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