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  • A MAD-GRAB GAME FOR FRANKY’S GRUB — Franky loves food but he’s a picky eater. Use your sensory and memory skills to find him his favorite foods!
  • HOW TO PLAY — Split the foods evenly into 2 bags. Draw food cards and race to find the items in your bag. Move quick and no peeking! The first player to feed Franky 5 foods wins.
  • BRAIN TEASER FOR TODDLERS — Toddlers will love Doggy Bags’ fast-paced, sensory gameplay. Watch them race to build connections between sight and touch.
  • EASY STORAGE — One of the doggy bags can double as a carrying case for the game. Take Doggy Bags anywhere!
  • WARNING: VERY ADDICTIVE! — Just lay out the cards, draw from the stack and find the food! With such a simple setup, you’ll have even more time to laugh and play.


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