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  • CLASSIC FAVORITE: Everyone loves dominoes! Whether you play the game by the rules or make them up as you go, this set of dominoes is perfect for hours of fun.
  • BASIC RULES: After the dominoes are shuffled, each player draws a hand. The player with the highest double begins the game. To win, a player must play all of his/her hand.
  • FUN FOR ALL: The game can be played with 2-6 players who are ages 6 years old and up. The game is simple enough that most ages can play and enjoy it together. It’s a great game for pulling together a variety of ages.
  • FUN ACTIVITIES FOR ANYTIME: This game is the perfect activity for a quiet night in. Add a little bit of levity to your home with an engaging game of dominoes! The dominos can also be used to play other fun games or to create a domino chain.
  • INCLUDES: The dominoes come in a strikingly beautiful tin box that keeps them snug and organized when not in use. Game includes 28 crystalline, jumbo dominoes with bright color dots. The dominoes go up in number to double 6.


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