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Piggy Pile-Up is a fast-paced, family friendly balancing game. Pile the pigs as high as you can, but don’t let them fall! This game allows up to 4 players, making it perfect for game nights. Take turns stacking the assorted piggy shapes on the mud puddle base – you’ll be amazed how these piggies balance! Place your last piggy on the pile to win. With easy setup, gameplay and kid-friendly pieces, families with toddlers, kids, teens and adults will enjoy this wacky balancing game. Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as kids pile up their piggies. || Includes: 12 wooden piggy pieces, 1 mud puddle base, 1 drawstring storage bag and instructions.
  • READY, SET, STACK! — How steady is your hand Test your finger dexterity and hand eye coordination by stacking these piggies tall, but don’t let them fall!
  • HOW TO PLAY — Divide the piggy blocks evenly. Take turns stacking piggies on the pile. If you cause some piggies to fall, add them to your collection. Place all your piggies first to win!
  • ACTION-PACKED FOR GAME NIGHT! — Challenge family or friends to a stacking showdown. You’ll be amazed how these piggies nest together to balance!
  • FOR 1-4 PLAYERS — Pile these piggies with friends or try to fit all 12 piggies on the mud puddle by yourself. Warning: It’s not easy!
  • SIMPLE AND ADDICTIVE — Just pass out the piggies and start piling. With such a simple setup, you’ll have plenty of time for “just one more game!”


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