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In the far reaches of the forest there are old, long-forgotten mines brimming with gold, silver, and gemstones that are ripe for the taking. So gather your dwarf clan and start building a path to the mines. But beware, one of the mines is guarded by a dragon and the forest paths are filled with trolls, traps, and other obstacles you’ll need to work together to overcome. But the biggest threats come from within — your team’s unknown saboteur works for the other team, and the selfish dwarves are only out for themselves. This board game version of Saboteur builds off of the card game’s classic gameplay, with plenty of new features that make it as engaging, and treacherous, as the original.
  • First-ever Saboteur board game
  • Builds on classic, well-known gameplay, with a new movement system, team play, a new kind of saboteur . . . even a dragon!
  • A well-known brand with high consumer ratings
  • 40 Path Cards
  • 23 Action Cards
  • 2 Start Cards
  • 4 Mine Cards
  • 12 Treasure Cards
  • 10 Dwarf Cards
  • 10 Dwarf Playing Pieces w/ bases
  • 10 Dwarf Tokens
  • 32 Victory Point Tokens
  • 14 Forest Tokens
  • 1 Dragon Token
  • 1 Game Board
  • Illustrated Instructions


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