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Can you combine the angles to make the most Zangles?

Spatial reasoning skills are put to the test as you try to figure out which triangle configurations can be combined to recreate the shape on another card – also known as a Zangle.

But it’s not just finding Zangles that matters – You also want to try and get rid of as many cards as possible! – Which means strategically choosing combinations that will use up the most cards.

Each round ends when one of the players has run out of cards to play. At the end of each round, count up your remaining cards to tally up your points. The player with the least amount of points after three rounds wins the game!

Now… Ready for even more fun?

Test your quick thinking with the Speedster game mode where players race to be the first to find a Zangle. Or, play Solitaire mode as a healthy daily brain exercise.

No matter which angle you approach it from, you’re sure to enjoy hours of brainy fun with Zangle!


  • Game of combining triangle arrangements to recreate bigger shapes
  • Encourages spatial reasoning skills, logic, critical thinking, creative thinking
  • Twist, flip, or spin cards to make the shape on another card
  • 3 ways to play – Turn-Style, Speedster, or Solitaire
  • Includes 120 cards
  • Detailed game rules and instructions for all 3 ways to play included
  • High-quality materials – Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay


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