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Easily add color and bold lines to posters and projects with this Mr. Sketch 1905070 assorted 8-color chisel tip scented watercolor marker set! With an assortment of colors to choose from, you can add notes, key points, and graphics to large writing pads or paper easels ensuring pupils effectively absorb the information you’re providing. Scented for added fun, this set of markers boasts an assortment of colors and scents young children will love!

A broad chisel tip allows you to vary the width of your strokes for both small and large writing surfaces. Designed with a comfortable barrel, this marker is an ideal addition to your school arts and crafts!

Assorted colors/scents include: black/licorice, blue/blueberry, brown/cinnamon, green/mint, orange/orange, purple/grape, red/cherry, and yellow/banana.


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