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Unicorns use potions for all kinds of things: creating rainbows, making wishes, and finding magic treasures, to name a few. Follow simple recipes & use enchanting ingredients to mix up some magic of your own! When you’re done, everything can be stored inside the special cabinet.

• Recipe book includes 9 magical recipes gathered by unicorns

• Comes with 7 medium and 2 small potion bottles
• Easy-to-make unicorn magic!
• Special storage cabinet keeps everything tidy
• Includes 1 potion cabinet box, 1 instruction booklet, 9 plastic vials with 9 foam corks, 1 plastic spoon, 2 plastic cups, 1 plastic funnel, 54 stickers, 6 vials of glitter totaling .19 oz (5.4 g), 26 plastic gems, 3 plastic unicorn horns, 15 pcs metallic foil confetti, 2 yds (1.8 m) cotton thread, 2 metal rings

Ages 6+


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