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If you love labradoodles and you love puppies then you’re sure to fall fast in love with Addie the Plush Caramel Labradoodle Puppy by Douglas! This fantastic stuffed caramel labradoodle puppy has soft and thick fur with a shaggy feel like a real caramel labradoodle, brown puppy dog eyes, and a black button nose. Our plush caramel labradoodle puppy comes with the promise that it is completely housebroken and will never, ever, under any circumstances, chew up your favorite baseball glove! There will be no need for obedience training, no vet bills, and no sloppy puppy kisses. Alright, so that last one is one of the downsides of getting a caramel labradoodle stuffed animal instead of an actual puppy. On the other hand, Addie will stay a puppy forever and no real puppy can do that. Full grown dogs are nice but puppies are just so cute! So with Addie the Plush Caramel Labradoodle Puppy by Douglas, you get to enjoy most of the cute and fun aspects of owning a caramel labradoodle puppy without having to do any of the work. Measuring about eleven inches long and eleven inches tall, this caramel labradoodle puppy stuffed animal is surface washable and recommended for ages two and up.


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