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Camilla the Little Plush Chinchilla by Douglas is the perfect alternative to owning a real chinchilla. You won’t need a cage, or food, or even oxygen to keep Camilla happy! Well, you might need those things but Camilla won’t! This little chinchilla stuffed animal is durably built to provide years of wonderful play time and unlimited amounts of top notch snuggling. Soft and fluffy plush fur will make this stuffed chinchilla an instant favorite for young cuddlers and its playfully realistic appearance will please those potential pet owners that long for a chinchilla to call their own. Camilla’s undeniable quality and charm ensure that this plush chinchilla will be a welcome addition to any child’s, or adult’s, plush pet collection. A real chinchilla can be a blast but Camilla is much easier to take care of and also travels better than the real thing. Camilla the Little Plush Chinchilla is surface washable for those occasions when playtime gets a bit messy. Measuring about ten inches long including the tail, this little stuffed chinchilla is recommended for ages two and up.


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