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Louie the Standing Stuffed Corgi by Douglas is standing at attention, awaiting orders to march to your home! This standing corgi stuffed animal is not too small and it’s not too big, it’s just the right size for almost anything. Measuring about ten inches long and eight inches tall, this plush corgi has wonderful coloring and shaping that make it almost a mirror image of the real thing. Of course, it takes up a bit less space than a real corgi and is much easier to take care of. The natural standing pose lends itself well to display for those rare times when Louie the Standing Stuffed Corgi isn’t being hugged, cuddled, played with, and otherwise enjoyed by a loving owner. So every once in a while you might see Louie on a shelf or dresser showing off its good looks but most of the time it’ll be right in the middle of everything, showing off its fun and cuddly personality. Louie’s playfully realistic looks, ideal size, and cuddly soft body make it a wonderful plush corgi for anyone who might not be ready for the real thing but would really like a new plush friend! Recommended for ages two and up, surface washing is suggested for this corgi stuffed animal.


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