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Brainstorm is excited to announce their exclusive agreement with Chilly Willy Books in selling the hard cover book Vintalair by one of our own local authors Chad M. Wilson! The book is available NOW! Make sure you ask for a signed copy. Only the first 500 will be signed!

Book Blurb:
The increasing disparity between the Haves and the Have Nots has been creating a simmer of unrest from coast to coast. After years of intense planning, a group within America’s most powerful inner circles decides to put in motion an intricate bioterrorism plot that will change the demographics forever. When Liam Keane and his friends uncover the sinister plan, the Keane family is ripped away from their daily lives of running a local toy store. With no time to spare, Liam teams up with his brother, an infectious disease expert working in counterterrorism for the US Government, to prevent the massive, targeted attack from being unleashed. Each side must decide how far they are willing to go to save the country.

ISBN: 9781736414309

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March, 2021

4 reviews for Vintalair

  1. Harvey

    Looking for a fast paced, thrilling ride? Interested in the balance between the privileged and the less fortunate? How about a nice blend of technology, nature, and relevant current events? If so then Vintalair is for you. The debut novel by Chad Wilson is journey through a familiar world where the ever changing dynamics between those with power and influence and those without is on full display. This quickly moving story blends technology, social ethics, government, and more than a touch of family into an experience that will leave you wanting more. As an avid reader I pick up a lot of books, this one I could not put down for two days. Written in a style accessible to a wide range of both age and interests, this story is sure to have something for everyone.

  2. Cara

    Chad Wilson’s debut is a page turning, thrill-ride. You won’t be able to put this book down. Wilson gives you nonstop action and intrigue, all while his heroes navigate conspiracies, assassins, and a deadly pandemic. Vintalair will leave you breathless!

  3. Jim H (verified owner)

    The beginning goes in depth about the background of each of the characters. As it goes along the intrigue grows. It is relevant in today’s virus dominated and rich vs the rest discussion in life. What if the rich decided they wanted more control than their current influence. Try to figure out who the mole is before it becomes obvious.

  4. Jim Rice (verified owner)

    what a great book as you learn about the characters then see the action beginning to take place. You can relate to the topic as we are living similar issues today.

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